What are some of the examples where time-based currency and time banking has been used?

Almost everything. Infect while we are doing economic analysis of more than one country we should consider time as a currency

Suppose we can say that the cost of banana in India is 5 rupees. If you purchase the same banana in UAE it will cost you around 150 rupees. So it’s very confusing while we are doing economic analysis.

We consider the per capita income minimum wage and many other criteria still we are not getting a perfect analysis.

But if we consider time as a unit then we can easily simplify everything.

Suppose how many hours US people work to buy an iPhone or house or car and how many hours Indian people work to buy an iPhone, house or car.

Time is a scared commodity that is being wasted around the world because we didn’t give any monetary value to time…

Suppose the average youngster earn 500 rupees a day. Then he has to work almost a year to buy an iPhone. If we consider other household expenses without any luxurious expense then it would be at least three years. Once I realised that being an Indian I have to work three years to purchase an iPhone. So 3 thing is happening.

1) I self-aware of my consumption pattern

2) I question my government.

3) I willing to change the economic system.

Some of the example

1) private tuition classes except for fees in YT.

2) one photographer made a portfolio in 29 YT.

3) in Bhubaneswar when I did this experiment 450 services people offered in YT only.

4) when I did this experiment at PP savani University 35 different services like horoscope, calligraphy, food delivery, water delivery, lending a book, origami, how to wear burkha, sketching, listening, tattoo making, mehndi, and many more offered by students.

5) actually it depends on what I need and what services are available in YT.

Raja is a farmer and he made tea and charge 10 rupees for one glass. Once she found that so many services are available in YT. He suddenly refused to accept money and demanding YT only.

6) one just need to start the same experiment in their community and experience the magic of abundance

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