Healing the world with art

 Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Similarly, art is something that is everywhere you just have to have that mindset. Art is in nature… how birds sing… How the clouds make different shapes… how the leaves move and make those sounds while intercepting the inflowing wind.

Without an artistic mindset, an engineer couldn’t innovate something. Without art an engineer is nothing. The artistic mindset of Enzo is what made him create The Ferrari we know of. Innovators and businessmen like Elon Musk & Steve jobs known for changing the world single-handedly became those magical creators because of their creative mindset.

However, Sometimes in the complex world we live in, it becomes difficult to understand its significance. Fortunately, we do have many torchbearers who will never let ‘the art die’, one such person being Shraddha Jain founder of ‘The Art Ghar’ an organization that believes in using art as a therapy to heal people.

Born in Jaipur, Shraddha has been fascinated with Arts since the very beginning. She shares how she used to paint using brushes from an innocent age of two. While art has been with her throughout the time, it was not before the age of 25yr when she was able to break her mindset and realise that art can also be a good career option. But it is not her fault as we live in a society where when someone says he/she is an artist, the reply comes, but what do you do for a living.

After finishing her bachelor’s degree from Bangalore, Shraddha moved to France to pursue Masters in creative business. When asked, she shares what surprised her the most about the course was how people were studying strategies, finance, marketing etc. basically different ways to be able to sustain their art in future in a dignified manner. It was here she realised how in a country like India, art and culture is not really promoted enough and it is this reason that is leading to its downfall.

Eventually, a turning point came in her life when after interning at UNESCO for only a few months she quit the job on realising she is not meant to be part of a  bureaucratic structure with a 9-5 job structure. Eventually, she came to Jaipur, her hometown to take a break from life and reflect on it.

It was during this break when she reconnected with her old friend… art… Eventually, she realised the potential that art has for healing people that led her to organise first event on 2nd march 2017.

Today The ArtGhar while having a presence online, also has a physical space… a place where people can come, paint, live without any judgement.

So What is Art Ghar?

When asking this question, she elegantly replies that it is an idea… an idea to heal oneself. Be it a social media platform or a physical space it helps people in connecting, growing and learning at a slow pace and in a slow life. “As humans we crave to create and express and art becomes that medium” she shares.

How does art healing work?

She shares how there are three important elements namely art therapist, the participant and the artform. Art becomes a medium to express emotions. Once you put it on paper using various tools as guided by an art Therapist,  by observing the various shapes you create, various colours you use etc. you can narrow down on your problems of that moment. It is especially good for people who don’t like the idea of talking to a therapist to heal themselves.

“In the beginning, people were so reluctant to even think about joining the event as non-artist and probably changing that mindset was a major challenge in the earlier days” She shares.

Shraddha has been really happy with the response she is getting now and joyfully shares how after four years she doesn’t have to explain it to people that as non-artist they can still be part of Art ghar. Eventually, she hopes to live in a world where people get time to express themselves and not think about art as something they used to do in the past.

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