No school? Yet super cool !!

Our today’s Innovator is a young social entrepreneur and loves to learn while travelling. Go ahead Maitreyee and enlighten us with your story.

Hi everyone, I was born in India but I grew up in the United States. And around 15 years of age, We moved back to India.  I haven’t been to school after 8th standard or rather I would say I was unschooled. This opportunity gave me a lot of time to explore myself and my responsibilities towards my life. 

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Bringing back our native forests

Hi Manvendra, ever since i have heard about you , jungle and your name has become a synonym . Please tell us a little about yourself? I am sure behind such a game changer like you, there has to be a story worth capturing every bit about. 

My ancestors belong to the desert of Rajasthan. I was born in Garda Village of Baran District. Our family’s roots are ingrained in farming. My father was the first person to get a government job with military services and we moved around a lot with him. In my adolescence, I loved cycling in the forests of our military campus with my friends to collect animal bones and try to arrange them back in shape. It was art for us, unfortunately not for our parents. Now looking back at the unusualness of the situation, I am happy I did not walk the beaten path of life.

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The BITsian who left a high paying consultancy position to create pathshalas where students learn by doing!

Hey Hey, we have heard a lot about you, about your adventures into living in almost a jungle, to building your own community and learning programme. Tell us little something about your early life and educational background.

Well, I was born and brought up in Jaipur, I did my schooling here. And after school I fell victim to the wave of engineering and went to BITS Pilani, over there I learned a lot of new things it had a cool learning environment and after 4 years of college I secured a placement, entered into the corporate world through this consulting company at Hyderabad called Deloitte consulting. I worked there for 2 years, it definitely provided a lot to my professional journey and taught me a good number of lessons. At Hyderabad, besides learning so many new things, I had lots of fun, the environment was very levitating, new experiences, people, parties, so until about two years of my graduation It was very freeing and fun in all the ways.

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Our food is a by-product of our relationship with the soil!

Hi Manisha! We have heard a lot about your love of plants, gardening and the awareness you are spreading regarding it! Why don’t you tell our readers a bit about yourself and what it is that you do?

Hello everyone, my name is Manisha and I am from Jaipur. I used to be a management student some time ago, but not anymore. Currently, I am spreading the word about edible gardening and working with people of all ages to start growing their own food.

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Enabling teachers to see students as holistic human beings!

Hey Arushi, we have been hearing about you and the learning communities you are creating from people around. It’s so exuberating to get into a conversation with you about this. So let’s start from the beginning, tell us a bit about yourself, and how did this journey start?

Well, it’s going to a little difficult to tell you about my whole story (laughing) but I will try. I am Arushi and my Story starts from Alwar. My life took me to doing Civil engineering in IIT Delhi, And just at the first time I was there, I knew that I wanted to learn about humanities and did not want to go to corporate sectors. Anyways, fast forward I completed my course and I was very sure that I want to understand the world around me better and figure out ways where I can be a part of the change. At my Idealistic 22, that is what I was thinking. 

So I started working with the center for sciences and environment and then I worked with a couple of Non-profits. For me, it was the journey of one understanding the world, meeting diverse people across the country, and also understanding myself and sort of unlearning what I had learned during my own educational journey. 

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